Covid 19 Protocols

COVID‐19 is impacting everyone in unprecedented ways. The health and safety of our family and that of our clients is our highest priority. As we get back to work, we want to share the protocols we've put in place to keep the set safe. We will observe all pandemic‐related federal, state, and local government laws and recommendations that are in effect at the time of shoot.

On location:

  • Health Screening: Complete Daily Health Check Form. Anyone presenting COVID‐19 symptoms will not be allowed on set
  • Sanitizing: Hand sanitizer will be provided and any frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized regularly
  • PPE: Disposable masks and gloves will be provided
  • Social Distancing: All efforts will be made to maintain at least 6‐foot distance

Decoupling exterior photography and interior photography:

If you have a project that requires interior and exterior views, we could postpone the interior photography shoot component until it is safer to do so. We can waive the cost normally associated with splitting a shoot into two days for all local projects for as long as these pandemic restrictions are in place .

Social distancing while using people to activate the space:

During this time, most locations will not have many people around to activate the project. If using people from the design team, we can place them in a way as to look like they are close together while they are actually keeping a safe physical distance. This can also be enhanced during post‐production. We can also photograph the spaces without other people, or use my assistant to be in the scene.

Utilize technology for shoot direction and collaboration:

In cases where client can't or doesn't want to be present, we can share ideas and check in on progress via image texting or video conferencing + screen share. This can serve as a substitute for attending a shoot in person.